City of Lewisville- Prepared Responses

1. If a property owner’s tax bill goes up, does that constitute increase? What is your perception of the current real estate market and balancing city budgets with revenue for commercial and residential property taxes? Please explain both

Most homeowners are not aware that any new construction or any new building close to their property may increase the value of their home initiating a tax increase. By coming together knocking on doors to inform those that you can band together to bring about change so that you are not paying high taxes each year or when new construction is in your area. My take on the current real estate market and balancing city budget is to make sure that there is a need in regards to the city budget.

2. Would you be in favor of any proposed legislation to mandate the disclosure of the sales price of commercial and residential real estate transactions?

Transparency is the Key; We do not want property owners to be taxed out of their home.

3. Was there a particular issue that prompted your first step towards running for this position and what was that issue?

My need to run was based on being a voice for the community. I am a mother of five children, and I have always been transparent when it comes to taking a stand for what you believe in. I want to make sure that the community is being heard not just in the community, but in our schools concerning space and teachers needs.

4. How much money will it take for you to win this race?

In a local race, my estimate ranges from $1000 to $3000

5. What is your strategy for winning?

Transparency, honesty, and social media

6. How much have you raised so far?

I have not raised any donations yet, but I am working on it.

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